inKredible Gourmet Cupcakes

inKredible edibleS specializes in unique and delicious cupcake flavors.   All flavors are available to order (by the dozen) at any time (minimum 1 dozen of the same flavor for orders).   inKredible Gourmet Cupcakes are $40 a dozen*

Check out our inKredible Cupcake Flavors our Flavor Page.

*buttercream icing included in price.  See “Custom Decorated Cupcakes” for pricing information on decorated cupcakes.

Custom Decorated Cupcakes

I love when we get to be part of someone’s special day.  Birthday’s, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Graduations or just because, every special day deserves a special treat.  ​And what is better than cupcakes designed to perfectly compliment that special day.
Custom Decorated Cupcakes can be ordered in any of our cupcake flavors. They can be customized to match the theme and color of your party or corporate event.   

1 dozen, single flavor, minimum requirement for customized order.
Prices vary for custom designed cupcakes.

I require 72 hour advance order for  specialty decorated cupcakes, longer if the design is detailed or elaborate.
Here are a couple of examples of added charges:



Special requests for icing color other than the normal color of that icing; eg. Lavender Honey cupcake with pink/blue icing for a shower…+$5.00 per dozen



Fondant toppers with a basic design, such as duckies or animal faces…+$10 per dozen



Elaborate fondant/sugar decorations such as roses/flowers…+/$15 per dozen.

Happy Hour Cupcakes

Turn any event into a party with inKredible edibleS Happy Hour Cupcakes.  Happy Hour Cupcakes are based on some of my favorite cocktails and mixed drinks, and are made with premium liquors. 

Happy Hour Flavors  can be ordered at any time.  Special Orders require at least 48 hours notice.  Must be minimum of 1 dozen single flavor

Happy Hour Cupcakes are $50 a dozen.

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