Custom Party Cakes

Birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, graduation cakes, corporate party cakes: it doesn’t really matter what the occasion is, cake will make it better and more memorable.

The nice thing about cake, is that it can be whatever you want it to be.  Is your 12-year-old into daughter into Star Wars, but loves pink? You got it!!          

Or Lightening McQueen for your little one’s 1st birthday?  Ka-Chow!!!

The possibilities are endless.

 A custom cake is just that, Custom. The minimum order for any custom cake is $50, and no smaller than a 9” round or 1⁄4 sheet. All Custom Party Cakes require a minimum 3 business day pre-order (7 days for tiered or elaborate designs.  I recommend you order as soon as possible to insure I am not fully booked.

The exact price of a cake is dependent on its size and detail.  

Free 1st Birthday Smash Cake

Baby’s First Birthday is such an amazing day, and inKredible edibleS by Kelley Schneiderloves helping make those memories.When you order your little one’s First Birthday Cake from me, i will include the Smash Cake for free.  That’s right, I make a single layer, 6 inch cake, which is decorated to compliment the theme of the main birthday cake.

                  Smash Cakes can also be ordered individually, with prices starting at $40.
Please contact me for details about making your little one’s first birthday even more special with a Custom Party Cake.

Custom Party Cake Gallery