Inkredible Recipe Page


As anyone who reads this can probably tell, I am very new to the blogosphere. I really am just learning as I go.

The best thing to come of starting this blog is that I have rediscovered my love of words.  Writing as always been a way for me to get out of my own head; to get out whatever is making me crazy.  By putting it into words, I am able to, essentially, get over it.

I have never been one to journal on a regular basis, but I did discover years ago that if I put whatever is in my head on paper, I was able to move on a bit.  It (whatever it may be) doesn’t go away, but I am better able to keep moving forward with my life.

Stay with me here, there is a point to my ramblings.

Through the journey of losing my bakery, living with the hubby’s Multiple Sclerosis and just generally trying to find my way in the past month or so, I am finding a lot of comfort in the words I put here.

Now to the point I began this post to make.  I am in the process of getting recipes on “paper” for the “Recipe” page on this blog.  As of tonight I have a total of 1!!! recipe on the page, but I will be adding more daily.

Many of these will be recipes I used in the bakery, others are family meals, and some will be recipes I find and try out for myself.  It is really rare to “create” a new recipe.  There is very little new in the world of cooking and baking.  But, I really enjoy playing with flavors and being creative when I am baking.

So, please feel free to comment and give me ideas of what you may want me to try.  Or if you had the most amazing cake or cookie, let me know, I would love to see if I can figure it out.

Have a wonderful night and keep eating inkredibly.

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